York University is a recognized leader in HRM education. Our graduate programs are cutting-edge, providing skilled professionals with the competencies required to advance their careers while contributing meaningfully to HRM research and scholarship.

Students receive high-caliber education while learning the best in professional practice from some of the most recognized experts in the field. Our interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning encourages students to cut across traditional boundaries and to consider HRM in all of its local and global contexts.

There are strict limitations and restrictions on the number of International Students accepted to our graduate programs. International applicants should consult directly with the office of the Graduate Program Director before submitting an application.

Our graduate program offerings include:

Master of HRM (MHRM)

An executive-style program designed to provide HRM specialists with the skills and credentials necessary to become senior-level professionals. Offered on a full-time or part-time basis.

PhD in Human Resource Management

An interdisciplinary program designed to provide aspiring academics and senior-level professionals with the skills needed to excel in academic research and scholarship in HRM.