HRM Students and Alumni

Al-Karim Samnani

PhD, 2013
Assistant Professor
Odette School of Business
University of Windsor

Faculty members in this program are committed to seeing students do well. They were very flexible in allowing me to explore the research topics and questions that I was interested in. I believe that the encouragement I received to get exposed to the publication process played a meaningful role in helping me prepare for a career as a scholar.

Amanda Peticca-Harris

PhD Candidate (HRM), York University
MHRM, York University

Amanda Peticca-Harris is now an Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Grenoble Ecole de Management in Grenoble, France. She did her Masters and PhD in Human Resource Management at York University in Toronto, Canada. Her research explores how people experience work with a particular emphasis on the body, identity, and power relations within new and emerging forms of work. Her work has been published in Organizational Research Methods, Organization, Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Management Development.

Anita Boey

PhD Candidate (ABD), Human Resource Management, York University, Canada
MSc International Business, University of Vaasa, Finland
MA Intercultural Studies in Communication and Administration, University of Vaasa, Finland
BA (Honours) Communication, State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

Anita completed her undergraduate degree (BA Honors) from the State University of New York at Buffalo (USA), with a major in Communication and a minor in International Business. Anita continued her studies at the University of Vaasa, in Finland where she completed two Masters Degrees and went on an exchange semester at Stockholm University in Sweden. Her first Masters degree (MSc) was in International Business while her second (MA) was in Intercultural Studies in Communication and Administration. Anita studied Swedish media and film during her exchange semester in Sweden at Stockholm University. Anita’s interest in Communication and International Business Management serves as a strong foundation for her PhD studies in Human Resource Management, where she researches human interactions and communication at the work place. The multi-disciplinary focus of York’s PhD program allows Anita to bring interdisciplinary theories and research methods into her research.

Arman Zareyan

MHRM, 2012
Human Capital Consultant

Pursuing an MHRM over an MBA is a decision I wouldn’t change. An MHRM provided me with a unique skill set, gave me sought-after credentials, and set me apart from my peers graduating from other programs. I learned from a remarkable faculty, who continue to support me. The MHRM fortified my expertise in the workplace, and connected me with a strong network that led to my most recent career opportunity.

Eric McCallum

MHRM, 2010
Vice President, Human Resources
Kinross Gold Corporation

My experience in the MHRM program gave me great confidence in designing fact-based, practical solutions to important real-world business challenges, which has helped me advance my career. I highly recommend making this investment in yourself, which will help enhance HR’s reputation as a vital business imperative.

Faith Tull

MHRM, 2011
Chief People Officer
Randstad Canada

I’ve enjoyed four promotions since completing my master’s and can certainly attribute some of that success to the emphasis on strategic and factual thinking learned during the program. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from a mix of professors with real work experiences as well as pure researchers. This allowed me to decipher what could and couldn’t work within the organizations I served, as well as allowed me to draw upon the skills and knowledge I obtained.

Fola-Kemi Salawu

PhD Candidate (HRM), York University
MIRHR, University of Toronto
BBA Honours, Brock University

Fola-Kemi (Kemi) completed a Bachelor of Business Administration at Brock University with a major in Human Resource Management and a minor in French studies. She then went on to complete a Masters of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management at University of Toronto. During her undergraduate degree, Kemi participated in an exchange program in Normandy, France. She also worked for several organizations including not-for-profit membership-based associations as well as a crown corporation. Within these organizations, Kemi gained experience in human resource management and business administration. Throughout her master's degree Kemi worked as a teaching assistant in several universities, leading tutorials and assisting with courses such as: human resource management, organizational behaviour and business communications. Through her studies and work experience, Kemi realised the exceptional impact that human resource management can have in the workplace which lead her to discover a passion for teaching as well as a desire to contribute to research in human resource management. Throughout her academic career Kemi looks forward to the opportunity to contribute to bridging the gap between HR practice and academia. Kemi was attracted to York University's PhD in Human Resource Management because of the opportunity to work with the esteemed and diverse faculty at York University which offer and welcome different perspectives. She also enjoys the positive and collaborative environment and the unique emphasis on pedagogical training that will enable her to produce cutting-edge research and become an influential teacher in HRM.

Jennifer A. Harrison

PhD, 2015
Assistant Professor
NEOMA Business School

The five years spent in the program were well worth it in terms of both my personal and professional growth. I was given the encouragement and autonomy to develop my own research program. At the same time, professional, financial, and social resources were made available— resources that I believe are essential to the successful completion and quality of a PhD degree.

Melanie Laflamme

MHRM, 2011
Senior Vice President Human Resources and Organizational Development

The program equipped me with valuable knowledge of HR’s role in strategy, which enabled me as a senior executive to contribute to the strategic direction of our organization.

Nadia deGama

PhD (ABD), Human Resource Management, York University
MHRM, York University
BACS, University of Western Ontario

Nadia deGama completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario, with a major in Human Resources and a minor in Sociology. Nadia continued her studies and pursued her Masters in Human Resource Management from York University, where she won the Top Graduating Student award in 2007. During her Masters, Nadia worked in a financial services firm, acting as a strategic business partner for client groups across Canada. During the three years working as an “HR Practitioner”, Nadia felt that there was an incessant need to fill the deep chasm between HR practice and academia. With a high regard for research and a strong desire to teach, Nadia’s primary purpose for applying to the Ph.D program at York University was to bridge this gap. Nadia’s decision to pursue her Ph.D in HRM at York University stems from the fact that she was very impressed by the quality of the faculty and their research interests. Additionally, she states that, "York’s Ph.D program in HRM places a heavy emphasis on pedagogical training...through a provision of such training, I will be better equipped not only to be a better researcher, but a better teacher in HRM".  Nadia’s research interests are varied and are borrowed from other disciplines such as sociology.  The multi-disciplinary focus of York’s Ph.D program was yet another reason why she chose York, especially because it places an equal emphasis on quantitative and qualitative research.

Shayna Frawley

PhD Candidate (ABD), York University
MIR, Queen’s University
BA (Honours), University of Western Ontario

Shayna completed a BA (Honours) degree with an Honours Specialization in Political Science and a minor in the Sociology of Work from the University of Western Ontario.  Her interest in workers and workplaces was sparked while working on a paper about working conditions and collective bargaining rights on flag of convenience vessels.  After completing her undergraduate degree, Shayna entered the Masters of Industrial Relations program at Queen’s University.  Her Master’s Research project examined the extent of Occupational Health and Safety training in Ontario nursing school programs.  Before returning to school to pursue her Ph.D, Shayna worked in a labour relations position in the public sector.