MHRM Program Structure

The Executive MHRM program at the School of HRM allows for part-time or full-time study options.

StructureFull TimePart Time
Course Load

  • 2 courses per term

  • up to 3 terms per year

  • 1 course per term

  • up to 3 terms per year

DurationApprox 1.5 yearsApprox. 2.5 years
Option 18 courses in total are required for completion

  • 6 core courses

  • 2 elective courses

Option 2

  • 6 core required courses

  • Major Research Paper (MRP)

MHRM career outcomes

  • The MHRM degree equips graduates with new tools, knowledge, skills, and professional and academic credentials to advance their careers.
  • MHRM alumni have advanced into jobs with greater responsibility and compensation.
  • Our alumni network of HRM professionals serves as an invaluable resource for professional connections and career growth.